You Boar Me, Now Smell My Feet

British Brat Girl Torz has been using her stinky feet to punish her loser housemate for 15mins so far – but she’s not done yet! The camera moves in even closer to show her smelly, green-painted toes as they grab & cover his nose, forcing him to smell them. Torz tells the loser to apologise to her stuffed wild boars head, ‘Trevor’, but he can’t stop himself from making a smart-mouth comment, earning him a swift kick in the face. There is constant toes around, over & up his nose as he loudly sniffs in their stink, unable to escape his fetish for this awesome goddesses feet. Torz puts both feet together to form a pyramid of cheesy aroma over his nose, giving him no choice but to sniff it in deeply. The camera moves even closer to give fantastic views of his foot humiliation at Torz’ sexy soft soles & spreading toes pinching, pushing & flicking at his nose. While she laughs at his suffering, the loser says that, ‘No one could believe just how smelly her feet are’ – this prompts her to hold her dirty toenails right under his nostrils before forcing them up, invading his nose in the most fetishy way imaginable. If you love to see close-up forced feet smelling, by a hot, sexy young girl on a much older guy, you will love this clip – it’s possibly the best TorzToes clip so far!

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