Watching A Film At Torz’ Feet

N.B. Please read the description against Part 1 of this series first! We are now 10mins into the loser’s time-of-his-life as he sniffs, kisses & worships the amazing bare, stinky feet of the unique Brat Girl Torz. He continues to lay with his face in her feet, sniffing as hard as he can – this is real foot fetish & foot smelling! We get great views of Torz’ incredible soles & toes as the loser moves her feet around to better worship them. You can hear his constant sniffing nose as it visits every inch of her pale-skinned feet & blue/green painted toes & his glances at the camera show his concern for capturing every second of his pleasure. The loser cups her grubby toes around his nose before studying her dirty, greasy wrinkled soles – he can’t hide his true adoration for Torz, feet. You’ll think he’s the luckiest guy on earth & he would agree with you! The Italian horror film playing provides a weird soundtrack to his foot fetish – most of the time his sniffing is louder than the TV though… The loser presents Torz’ fantastic soles to the camera time & time again as he moves her feet around, all the better to worship them. His nose wanders between her smelly toes & slides over her toenails, exploring for ever greater fetish fulfilment…

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