Torz Sleeps While I Smell Her Feet

The loser is taking advantage of Torz being sound asleep after returning from a party – he’s rubbing her grubby, stinky feet all over his face & sniffing between her smelly toes. For once he can relax & enjoy his foot smelling fetish as Torz is such a heavy sleeper, mouthing her cute little toes & running them along under his nose. There are great views of Torz painted toes spread across his nose & both her bare feet held against his face as the loser says how he could happily fall asleep himself, smothered by her dirty feet. He knows she would not allow him to enjoy himself this much if she were awake, so he’s in foot-smelling heaven & able to indulge his fetish with this young goddesses stinky, pale-skinned bare feet & green-painted toenails. He lovingly holds both her soft feet against his face, covering his mouth with her soles & wrapping her toes around his nose so he can smell & worship them. The loser says how he wouldn’t be allowed to do this to Torz when she’s awake as she hates having her feet tickled – that’s what makes him want to do it all the more…

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