[1080p] Smelly Shoes JOI ShoeFuck in Pantyhose.

One of my more interesting Jerk Off Instructional videos for my foot stench aficionados. This 22 minute spectacle takes you through all your favorite moments, me slowly streching and pulling at my pantyhose clad legs, dangling my shoes in your face with "surround sound" so you can hear the sound of leather boat shoe flats, to revealing the sweaty worn, sweat stained insoles of the shoes and my pungent extra worn pantyhose covered with foot gunk, showing the dried sweat falling off the toes of my hoisery when I pull and let go that looks like smoke, but is actually dry foot-sweat sweat turning into dust. Intrigued yet footboy? Well, that is just the opening act of this video, me slowly appealing to your vision, hearing and smell with my worn shoes, pantyhose and pedicured toes. You’re not allowed to touch youself, not yet. You will do so, only to the rhythm of me simulating fucking my shoes with my feet. Thats right as I pull and push the white flat on and of is when you get to stroke it to that rhythm, and only how I tell you to do it. You can only cum as you watch me fuck my shoes with my feet and only to that rhythm. Filmed in stereo-surround to intensify the effect the sound my shoes and hosiery will have on you as I dangle them or pull on them – as you jerk it so viewing with headphones is recommended for full a full on footboy mind-fuck.

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